Announcement Regarding Personnel Changes at Quest Investment Management LLC

Announcement Regarding Personnel Changes at Quest Investment Management LLC

After 33 years at Quest Investment Management, Greg Sherwood, President and Co-Chief Investment Officer, will officially retire at the end of 2022. Mr. Sherwood’s career at Quest began in 1989 when he joined Monte Johnson, who was Quest’s President at the time, to market the firm’s investment advisory services and co-manage the investment process. Marking the beginning of a growth phase for Quest, Monte and Greg were the recognizable faces of Quest to Taft-Hartley relationships in the Pacific Northwest and eventually across the nation.

Mr. Sherwood became President and Chief Investment Officer in 2002 as he oversaw the expansion of Quest’s investment committee, product offerings and assets under management. Known for his keen assessment of the investment markets as well as broad economic themes impacting Quest’s clients, Mr. Sherwood spoke frequently at trade conferences and professional gatherings. Both professionally and personally, Mr. Sherwood has mentored Quest’s investment committee over the last three decades to provide continuity of the investment process after his retirement.

“Managing retirement and benefit assets for working men and women is a great privilege and comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility,” said Mr. Sherwood when reflecting on his tenure at Quest. “As I pass the baton to the next generation of leaders at Quest, I know I have instilled this principle into the fabric of Quest just as Monte impressed this upon me 33 years ago.”

In addition to communicating Mr. Sherwood’s upcoming retirement, Quest is also pleased to announce Douglas P. Goebel, CFA as Quest’s President and Bradley J. Carter, CFA as Quest’s Chief Investment Officer. Having served on the investment committee since joining Quest in 1993, Mr. Goebel recently served as Co-Chief Investment Officer for the last 3 years as Quest began planning for Mr. Sherwood’s retirement. Mr. Carter has been with Quest since 2012 and recently filled the role of product lead for Quest’s equity strategies as well as serving on the investment committee for 10 years.

“The investment committee structure that we have maintained since the early days of Quest ensures the continuity of management for our clients’ portfolios,” said CEO Cameron Johnson. “Greg is our first key executive to retire in Quest’s 37 year history and we will miss him. That said, I welcome Doug and Brad to the leadership team and look forward to their continued contribution to the investment process and the direction of Quest.”

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