Investment Overview

Our Philosophy

Quest’s core belief is that over time the highest quality growth companies generate superior returns for investors. Identifying these businesses requires rigorous fundamental analysis, focusing on key characteristics we believe define quality.  These characteristics include proven management teams, market-leading brands, unique competitive advantages, commitment to innovation, and secular themes driving sustainable long-term growth.

Our Process

Establish Quest’s Focus List

  • Identify the Preeminent Sustainable Growth Companies
  • The Focus List is Seldom Altered – Thesis Defining Characteristics Change Infrequently and Slowly

Construct a Diversified Portfolio

  • Select the Most Timely Names from the Focus List
  • Emphasize Themes and Company-Specific Catalysts
  • Include a Prudent Mix of Sustainable Growth Companies

Equal-Weight and Equal-Conviction Positions

  • Ensures No “Worst Best” Idea is Tolerated in the Portfolio
  • Reduces Security-Level Risk and Portfolio-Level Volatility
  • Automatically Rebalance to Equal-Weight Targets

Our Goal

Quest seeks to generate superior excess returns for our investors.  We believe that pairing our fundamental research efforts and differentiated approach to portfolio construction can produce these excess returns with an attractive risk profile.

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